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Employment Section

Brand Marketing And Sales Rep

I’m looking for someone to help with sales conversions ,marketing and create brand recognition our services like wedding and events.

Requirements and Job description
·         Computer Skills with knowledge of Dropbox, Google docs, .
·         Posting to  social media, and understanding of insight and analytics
·         Researching businesses and creating a marketing list. 
·         Managing exposure and content across all major platforms
·         Contacting potential clients and businesses
·         Must be great with customer service skills
·         Must be trustworthy and have a great personality
.         Think outside the box and have creative thinking
.         Most work can be done from home. 

Pay:  Commission Based and Hourly

 About Us:  We are a Media Company focusing on Weddings and Portrait Photography and Video. We also work on designs, printing, mockups, marketing products, photo booths, and red carpet events. We have worked with several brands and clients over the years. In 2017, we are looking to grow rapidly and expand to new markets

Commission Scale

5% on referrals on packages ranging from 75 to 300 dollars.

10% on referrals on packages ranging from 301.00 to 500 dollars.  

15% on referrals on packages ranging from 501.00 to 800 dollars.  

20% on referrals on packages ranging from 801.00 to 80000 dollars.  

(Example if a customer pays 301.00 for a wedding package the referral payment would be 10% on

referrals $30.10)

Referrals are paid out once client makes deposit.